How to use the Jamset app and activate instruments?

How to use the Jamset app and activate instruments?

Jamset's instruments can be activated with the Jamset app, available for iPhone and Android devices. The app can be downloaded directly 
  1. On Google Play and Apple Appstore, just by searching for "Jamset"
  2. Or by visiting 
The application is free and registration is super fast. Only a mobile internet connection is needed.

Once the application is installed and open, the user chooses his instrument among the ones available.
Then the instrument switch on and he can start playing

An individual mixing table is present for each instrument, which allows to adjust each instrument's volume. This means that the user can play alone, or with others, simply by adjusting the volume of each instrument.

By connecting the mobile phone to the available plug next to each mixing table, the app also provides
  1. backing tracks in all styles
  2. video lessons
  3. searching for partners (anyone who has logged in for the last 48 hours)
  4. Online help, including a live chat
When his finished, the session end with the "Off" button on the Jamset app.
In case he didn't push this button, the session will end automatically once he moved away from the Jamset.

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